White Cheddar Truffle Mac and Cheese

When I was looking for a recipe I had to make sure to find one that would fit the ingredients that I had. The recipe shown below is where I got my inspiration and I modified it from there! This recipe isn’t even remotely healthy but it’s so delicious! Another tip would be to go to Home Goods to find truffle oil, it’s much cheaper than the grocery store! White or black truffle oil will work!

**My Modifications**

-2 cups heavy cream instead of half and half – this made for a deliciously creamy mac and cheese. I happened to have this on hand instead of half and half but either will work!

-In addition to 8oz of white cheddar cheese I used 8oz of shredded mozzarella replacing the fontina cheese

-I added one cup of sautéed mushrooms as well. I didn’t just want the flavor I had to add in the real thing

-I also had a mixture of macaroni and mostaccioli noodles to use for the pasta. Any type of noodle you have on hand will work for this!

White Truffle Macaroni and Cheese



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