Christmas Crack

I hope you’re all ready for the most addictive snack you’ll EVER have!  There are a few things I want to throw out there about this recipe. This is a similar recipe to the original I made a few years ago but since I can’t find that one this will have to do! It’s a little more on the caramel side instead of buttery. I also doubled this recipe to make sure I had enough to pass out at work!

The few modifications I made were:

-Used chex instead of crispix. It was on sale and I had a coupon so I figured I’d give it a shot. Can’t notice much a difference!

-No pretzels for me just used cashews!

-This recipe calls for baking soda. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU ADD THIS TO THE MIX!!!!! The baking soda begins to react to the other ingredients and bubble up. My mixture almost ended up all over the stove and floor before it made it onto my chex! Also, when you bake it keep an eye on it because mine almost overflowed!!

-I used a large brown paper sack to shake it all up instead of mixing! Works the best!

-Try not to pile too much on top of each other when letting cool. It tends to stick together quickly. I had to keep mixing it up and even had to do after putting in treat bags.

Enjoy!! This is one of my biggest holiday treat hits!




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