Bacon and Cream Cheese Chicken Roll

These were delicious and so easy! The only modification I would make is less Italian seasoning next time. It had a little too much spice with an entire tablespoon, maybe a teaspoon would work just fine. I wish I could have found a small box of corn flakes because the recipes picture looks so golden and delicious with them on top but I didn’t have any luck. There was no way I was buying a full box for the small amount I needed and I would never eat the rest, so instead of corn flakes I just used panko! I’m sure any type of bread crumbs could be used too! I also found I had the best luck flattening my chicken with my fist haha, I tried a rolling pin but my fist seemed to work the best..looks like I need to invest in a meat tenderizer! The mixture would definitely make enough for 4 chicken breasts but I opted for 3 and only tossed a little of the mixture, I probably over stuffed them but oh well! I paired mine with little red potatoes with fresh parsley, enjoy!

20150309_191251_resized 20150309_191545_resized


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