4 Cheese Mac and Cheese

So this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, this is the best mac and cheese ever! It has a different flavor then your typical mac and cheese but it’s so deliciously creamy and flavorful! It’s also pretty rich so a little will go a long way. You’ll probably end up with enough ingredients to double the recipe so that’s what I did, I wouldn’t have any other use for some of the cheeses. I would recommend cutting your cream cheese, gruyere and havarti into small pieces so it melts easier. The gruyere was hard to find but when it doubt check Woodman’s and sure enough they had it. I ended up cooking mine close to 2 hours to get it all to melt. I also skipped the mustard because I would never use it again so it seemed like a useless purchase to me! I would say this is a pricier mac and cheese option so I probably won’t make it often (to also save my waistline) but I’m contemplating freezing the mass amount of leftovers I have for future side dishes! So if you look at it that way I can justify the cost. Originally I was just going to make the mac and cheese our meal but when I realized how rich it was going to be I figured I’d pair it with baked chicken and green beans to try to lighten the load! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!




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