Italian Red Wine Roast Beef

Love love loved this recipe and it was so simple! As far as meat goes I used grill steaks that you can find on sale usually at IGA bi-weekly. They’re perfect for crock pot meals, if you were to cook them any other way they might be too tough. Any beef roast would work too! I was looking for a small bottle of red wine and came across those tiny wine cups by Copa and I used Merlot. I wanted to make sure it had a rich flavor and I think either Cabernet or Merlot would work, you should have about half of the little bottle left so drink up while you cook! I also have no idea what the spice marjoram is so I just left that out haha. I cooked mine in the crock pot for roughly 11 hours only because Alen was shoveling the driveway that night. I’d say 10 hrs is perfect just to prevent it from getting too dry, I got lucky and it was still really juicy. I paired it with homemade mashed potatoes and corn, delicious! This would be great on some sort of roll too!



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