Distressed Mason Jars

These jars were more challenging then I expected but they turned out beautiful! I followed the link below but I will say I used 3 coats of paint, I wanted them to be really covered and painting glass is difficult enough. I also opted for the slightly more expensive acrylic paint so it would be thicker vs the cheaper small craft acrylic paints. And I really liked theses colors but either should work fine! I also didn’t want to buy sandpaper so I figured the nail file would work fine, it did not and I think it was because I did 3 coats of paint. I ended up using scissors doing an up and down motion fast instead of just going from top to bottom. It gave it more of random distressed look! Lighting was hard to get good pictures to show the colors but I did my best!! These flowers were also 50% off at Hobby Lobby when I got them. These were cheaper than the ones I used for the wreath but still $3.99ea. I definitely won’t be buying fake flowers unless they’re on sale!


20150223_190218_resized  20150228_085039_resized 20150228_085043_resized  20150228_085052_resized20150228_085047_resized



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