Spring Decor

Maybe I’m just really ready for it to be nicer outside but since I wasn’t going to make an St. Patty’s decor (this year) I figured I’d skip right to Spring! Don’t worry I do have a few St. Patty’s decorations outside! I have one more craft I’ve not completed yet but that will be up soon! These are just a few things I did really quick this weekend, super simple! The first is a new wreath for the front door. Let me tell you fake flowers are REALLY expensive. Thankfully they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby this weekend. All I needed to buy was the wreath, flowers and letter. I also bought acrylic paint for my other 2 projects so I decided to go with a dark purple for my letter. I think the wood soaked up the paint which is why it’s so dark, you’ll see the real color in my second craft. The options with this wreath are endless though, figure out a color scheme, type of flowers and you can either do a monogram or address #’s.


Craft#2 was a really random one but easy, I’ll try to describe it as best as I can. I knew I wanted to do something with the canvas I had (they’re also on sale at Hobby Lobby in 2 packs!) so all I had to do was pick up the acrylic paint and letters. I used stick on letters which worked pretty well but they didn’t stick as well as I had hoped on the textured canvas so that’s where you’ll see paint on some of the white spots. Adds character whatever lol. I also opted for the more expensive acrylic paint, ($2.99 ea vs $1.29) I was worried that the cheaper stuff wouldn’t hold as well to craft #3 (coming soon!). This was easy, I drew 2 lines and started placing my letters on those spacing them as evenly apart as I could. I started with one color (turquoise in my case) and painted 3 different areas with rough brush strokes (2 coming from the top 1 from the bottom) making the areas closer to the canvas darker and fading it out from there. I then added the second color (dark fuchsia) next to the turquoise, blending into the turquoise a little as I went. And then came the gray, making sure to blend this into both colors with more rough brush strokes. Then you can add a little of each color to the other colors so they aren’t just lines, work on blending the 2 colors that are next to each other too! Hopefully that make some sense. You could literally do this whatever way is easiest for you! I just forgot how much I love working with acrylic paint, it’s probably been since my senior year that I’ve really painted anything besides solid things so it felt really good! Think of a cute saying and make it your own!



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