Shepherds Pie

This is one of my favorite meals by Dad makes so I figured I’d give it a shot!


1lb. ground chuck (I prefer ground chuck over beef because it has less fat, usually on sale at Countryside Meats!)

1 med or large onion (yellow)

1 gravy packet

1 1/2 cups of corn

Homemade mashed potatoes (I use butter, milk, salt, pepper, garlic powder, sour cream and fresh parsley)

Start by boiling your water for the mashed potatoes, peel the potatoes and finely dice up your onion and potatoes. Begin browning the 1lb. of ground chuck with the onions, cook until no longer pink. At the same time I also made my packet of gravy (we call this cheap gravy at my house, no idea why but I LOVE the packets of brown gravy), once your meat is cooked and the gravy has been made mix the two together and pour into the bottom of a 9×13 baking dish. I did not pour out the grease from the meat before I mixed it all together, I didn’t really have a ton so it wasn’t necessary.


I microwaved my 1 1/2 cups of corn and added that to the top of my meat mixture


Once your water begins boiling add the potatoes, I dice them pretty thin so it doesn’t take very long until they’re done. They were softened about the time I got to my last step of making the potatoes. Once you make your mashed potatoes add them to the top of your corn mixture and bake for 25 min @ 375 degrees.


Once it’s baked for 25 min I then turned my oven to broil on high for about 3-4 min. Watch this closely you don’t want it to burn, it’ll get nice and browned on top!


We paired ours with a nice big salad, perfect meal for these cold nights! Enjoy!


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