DIY Coasters/Alen’s Valentine’s Day Gift

So I have 2 sets of Marylin Monroe coasters that I LOVE, if you don’t know she’s basically my idol. Well Alen hates my obsession with her and hates using these coasters (don’t worry they’re still out lol) so I decided as part of his Valentines Day present I’d make him some of his own. These were really easy to make and I can’t wait to make some more as gifts! I used the link below to create my own, just scroll down it’s in there I promise! I was going to try to do it without the acrylic spray but I was really worried they’re get ruined so I went ahead and did about 3 coats of modge podge (letting it dry completely in between coats) and then sprayed them down with the acrylic spray.

So the story behind Alen’s Valentine’s Day gift is this..Budweiser came out with these holiday crates I believe 10,000 to be exact but of course they didn’t sell any out this way. I looked all over and even had some people in other states looking for me and no luck. They’re going for like $200 on Ebay but that’s just a joke. So I decided to create Alen his very own one of a kind crate full of some of his favorite things! I bought a distressed red crate from Hobby Lobby and ordered the Budweiser sign online. I tied the sign to the front and tada it’s done! I filled it with some random stuff to get everything to sit up higher along with some confetti and tissue paper. I ended up grabbing Budweiser (of course), cheese, summer sausage, skittles and the coasters I had made. Turned out really cute, I even made his very own certificate of priority like you would get with the real crate 🙂 Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!

10347166_10205283175494985_6230028559798538201_n  20150213_175442_resized


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