{Yarn Wreath}

Finally my last project (hopefully) for Valentines Day! This one was the most time consuming so I saved it for last. Below are a few pictures of what I did step by step!

1. Wrap yarn of your choice around a foam wreath, this will take you forever. Ok not forever but it took me 2 hours to wrap the entire thing twice. I’ve seen some blogs suggesting you use an adhesive spray to get it to stay put but I had no problem without it. Just take the yarn and tie it in a knot around the wreath. Begin wrapping and keep it really tight. I would unravel enough so I could wrap it about 5 times and then I’d feed the whole yarn roll through the middle of the wreath about 5 times to untangle it. I got into a good system and thankfully I had shows on to watch that passed the time. I will say I kept getting these awesome hand cramps tho! Once you’ve wrapped it around once you’ll end up back at the part you knotted and you can make another knot where you end with the little tail from the first knot if that makes sense. Wrap it once more, I thought this wouldn’t take as long but it still took me another hour, keep it tight and work on filling in any blank spaces. You’re wreath should look something like this: (oh yes and drink wine it’ll ease the process 😉

20150123_193840_resized 20150123_220513_resized

2. I had purchased a thinner white yarn shown in the picture above and I made an X design around the whole wreath. Wrapped it around once at an angle and then wrapped it a second time to make the X’s, I also took white satin ribbon to hang it on my door. Just cut a piece long enough to double over and you’ll make a loop around the wreath and feed your end pieces thru and ta-da you have something to hang your wreath with!


3. Now you can start the fun part and decorate! My first step was making a banner for my wreath. I used pink and white felt and measured them 2″x2″ shown below:

20150125_193433_resized 20150125_193255_resized

4. Once I had cut these out I took a piece of that white yarn and used tacky glue to glue them to the piece of yarn. Set that aside to dry.

5. Now you can start making your flowers. I did a few pictures of what I do step by step. If you look at the canvas art post there is a link to how I made those and this is the same technique I just make them in all different sizes. Start by cutting your felt into squares, for the larger ones I just cut the felt in half and for smaller ones I cut the felt into either 4 or 6 squares. No need to make any of this perfect you’ll never notice. Once you’ve cut your squares you can cut those into circles, they’ll more than likely end up looking like weird potato shaped ovals, no biggie. Now cut those into spirals, again no need to make anything look perfect. Once you have all of your spirals you can start rolling them up. This is the hard part to explain, if you look at the picture below it’ll give you a better idea of how I roll mine. I start rolling them and then once I have a little rolled up I hold them in between my thumb and pointer finger and just keep moving that in a circular motion until I’ve rolled the entire thing. You’ll end up with a little tail leftover and that’s what you’ll glue to the bottom. Sometimes if I have pieces that stick out a lot I’ll just hot glue those so it doesn’t unravel. To make the 2 toned flowers I made these with half of the piece of felt so they’d be much bigger than the others and took one of my smaller pieces of felt in another color and began rolling the spiral but only rolling it a few times so it’s not too big. Glue that closed and then put a little glue on the bigger flower and press that smaller piece into the center of the larger one. I was worried this wouldn’t work or the middle piece would stick out more but it actually worked out really well! I found these little pearls in one of the wedding aisles at Hobby Lobby and thought they’d be perfect for this!

20150125_200950_resized 20150125_204111_resized20150125_204146_resized20150125_201534_resized20150125_201550_resized

6. Now you can glue on your flowers however you’d like! I started by hot gluing down the pearl piece. This came on little wire pieces so I was able to glue the whole thing down at once and hot glue the flowers over it. Once all of those were on there I added LOVE to my little banner I had made in permanent marker. I then tied that on and I was finally finished! I ended up wrapping the whole wreath Friday night and put the rest of it together tonight. Of course while drinking more wine!

20150125_211555_resized 20150125_211536_resizedI need to work on making these pictures clearer but this is all a learning process to me. I think it had to do with emailing them to myself and not choosing the best quality. Next time!



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