{The first of many!}

Yay finally my first blog post! It’s taking me forever because I’m a perfectionist and have to make sure things are exactly how I want or it’ll drive me nuts! Before I even could begin writing my first post I made the banner you see on my main page and set up an Instagram account (@craft.cook.create) to go along with my blog. I’d like to make a fancier logo and banner so if anyone has any ideas just let me know! Just wanted to give you an idea of what my blog will consist of, basically it’ll be all of my favorite things! Recipes, crafts, my nail polish obsession, Disney World (including the custom ears I make that are available for purchase on my blog) and baking. If you look at the top of my page you’ll find where to view and purchase my custom ears, this is much easier than dealing with cash and this way you can get payment out of the way through paypal. There is also a cupcake page to show off all of the yummy cupcakes I make that are also available for purchase. This is mainly for my local friends and if you’re interested please contact me directly to place an order. Enjoy checking out all of the fun stuff on my page!


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