{Burlap and Lace Heart Wreath}

Since we are celebrating our first of every holiday in the new house I didn’t have much holiday decor besides Christmas. So instead of buying it all I figured I’d make some of it. Some of you may have seen the burlap wreath I had made and posted to Instagram (@shan_duh) a few months ago and I followed the same tutorial when making this one, the only difference is it’s a heart shape! Follow the looping technique she describes in the link below. No need for the pipe cleaners just knot the burlap on one of the middle wires and you’ll end up covering that up as you go. I will say you’ll need 2 rolls of burlap, I buy the brown 15 feet rolls (http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/5-1/2-red-burlap-ribbon-289009/) and I decided I wanted lace so I purchased this cotton lace that was a nice accent to the burlap (http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/3-cream-cotton-lace-ribbon-428581/). One was just enough to add the accent! I folded this one through just like the burlap but not as often. I do all of my shopping at Hobby Lobby, usually most stuff is 50% off but you can also use their 40% off coupons you can find on their website and on the app. The roses were an afterthought, I had made them for another craft but these were larger than what I needed for that so these were perfect. I followed this link to make the flowers except I made them larger (http://mycraftyspot.com/gold-glitter-and-felt-rosette-love-sign/#more-1390).

Burlap Wreath Tutorial: http://littlelovelyleaders.blogspot.com/search?q=Burlap



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