Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup


There’s just something about a crock pot meal that makes me all warm inside. It’s probably the fact that I don’t have to do much work to put together a really yummy meal! This recipe was great but it will fill your crock pot to the brim once you’ve completed the last step so be careful! I may have to experiment a bit with this recipe because it wasn’t quite was thick as I would’ve like it to be. And in all honestly the second and third step can be totally optional. After putting in the cream mixture I realized it would’ve been just fine without it so that’s another option! I used heavy cream instead of whole milk because that is what I had on hand! I would have also preferred more rice, might give 2 cups a shot next time!


Creamy crock pot chicken and wild rice soup


Strawberry Funfetti Pancakes!


These may be the most delicious pancakes you’ll ever have!!! The recipe below shows you how to make your pancakes from scratch but I was too hungry to do that! Boxed mix works just as well! With the boxed mix I used the option to make 6-8 pancakes and I added about a teaspoon of almond extract to the mix! The glaze is heavenly! I ended up adding 2 tablespoons of milk to the mix to give it the consistency I was looking for. Start with one and go from there!

Hope you enjoy!


Italian Beef Potato Cheddar Soup


I’ll definitely be making this recipe again! It took no time to put together and I’m always a fan of throwing everything in a pot and letting it cook itself! The only modification I made was I used about 2 cups of shredded cheddar instead of 1. It didn’t seem cheesy enough so why not throw in more cheese?! It also wasn’t as thick as I wanted it originally so you can always add a tablespoon of flour to thicken it up a bit!


Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches


This was such an easy recipe to throw together on a busy weeknight! If you haven’t tried Papa Charlie’s Italian Beef it’s so worth it! It’s no Portillos but it’s really good for something frozen. Below is a photo of what this looks like! I find mine at Target!

All you have to do for this recipe is heat up your Italian beef on the stove top with only a little bit of the gravy. While that is heating up saute one green pepper, onion and mushrooms. Once your meat is heated I emptied out the gravy and added provolone and mozzarella cheese. Mix until all of the cheese is melted and coating your meat. I’d say I used about 4oz of each cheese. Once all your veggies are cooked and your cheese has melted onto your meat you’ll want to slice your rolls and put a layer of mayo on each side. Yes mayo. This can always be optional but it’s so good and I’m mayo obsessed so why not!? Add your meat mixed with cheese and then top with your sauteed  veggies and topping with a slice of provolone cheese. Broil on high for only about a minute. Keep an eye on this so it doesn’t burn!


Loaded BBQ Chicken and Red Potatoes


This is a similar recipe that I’ve made before called monterey chicken, the only difference is adding diced tomatoes and green onions to the top. If you have these items on hand go for it, it makes it even more delicious!


3 boneless skinless chicken breasts

3-4 strips of bacon

Cheddar cheese

BBQ sauce

Diced Red Potatoes


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Spray your casserole dish with any no stick spray. Place chicken breasts and potatoes in dish and cover with salt and pepper. I also added some Lawry’s seasoned salt to everything for a little extra flavor. Cover with foil and bake for 45 min. Check and see if your potatoes are cooked through at this point. Mine normally take closer to an hour to cook. Once your potatoes are cooked remove pan from oven and top chicken with your favorite bbq sauce, shredded cheddar cheese and dice up your bacon to add on top! Place in the oven for about 5 min or until your cheese is melted. Enjoy!



White Cheddar Truffle Mac and Cheese


When I was looking for a recipe I had to make sure to find one that would fit the ingredients that I had. The recipe shown below is where I got my inspiration and I modified it from there! This recipe isn’t even remotely healthy but it’s so delicious! Another tip would be to go to Home Goods to find truffle oil, it’s much cheaper than the grocery store! White or black truffle oil will work!

**My Modifications**

-2 cups heavy cream instead of half and half – this made for a deliciously creamy mac and cheese. I happened to have this on hand instead of half and half but either will work!

-In addition to 8oz of white cheddar cheese I used 8oz of shredded mozzarella replacing the fontina cheese

-I added one cup of sautéed mushrooms as well. I didn’t just want the flavor I had to add in the real thing

-I also had a mixture of macaroni and mostaccioli noodles to use for the pasta. Any type of noodle you have on hand will work for this!

White Truffle Macaroni and Cheese


Egg Baked Avocado

Such a simple and healthy breakfast! There are so many different toppings you could add to this too!

Preheat your oven to 400°. Cut your avocado in half, scoop out a bit of your avocado all the way around so your egg will fit. Crack one egg and place it in the avocado. I used a small baking dish and didn’t have any trouble with the avocado rolling around. You can always prop it up with tinfoil if you need to. Sprinkle on salt, pepper and parsley or any other seasonings you’d like to use. Bake for 15-20 min, keep an eye on the egg to get it to the consistency you prefer. Once out of the oven I topped mine with sriracha!